UPDATE: we have currently processed 80% of all our cancelled bookings. We kindly ask to await our response in the coming weeks. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 

We are closely monitoring all news with regards to the Coronavirus. In this unfortunate situation, we are doing our utmost to assist our travellers as much as we can.

What is the current travel advise for my destination?

The current travel advisories change from day to day. It is your own responsibility to check the current travel advisories with your (local) authority/embassy. Please make sure you have checked the travel advisories before travelling. 

How do I know if my flight still operates?

Many airlines have currently halted their operations (partly) and/or have cancelled their flights. Because the status of the flights (that are still being operated) changes rapidly, the current flight status on our website is not always accurate. Therefore, we advise to always check the website of the airline, for the most up-to-date information. Here you will see if your flight(s) still operate or not. 

Is your flight cancelled? Please have a look at this page for all relevant information. 

Is your flight still confirmed? Then please check this page to see your options.